My Top 3: Creative Small Business Equipment Edition

Starting a creative small business can be overwhelming. There are so many pieces of technology and equipment that can help, guide and assist you in your business or essential for your business. It is all depending on what you are doing, your budget, your aims and expectations for your business.


Now I am nowhere near a business guru. I am very much learning as I go, but I thought it would be helpful to share my top 3 favourite pieces of equipment that I use for my business. If you don't know by now, I run my illustration business which specialises in cute and unique stationery, stickers, gifts and much more.

Disclaimer: The items I am talking about are my favourite based on my own experience for my specific business and business needs and preferences. I recommend you always do your own research before you invest in any pieces of equipment.

Links for the items are included at the end of this post. All Links are AD-Affiliate Links.


1. Apple iPAD and Apple Pencil

This is technically two items but as I always use them both together for these purposes I am counting them as one.

I have the Apple iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil. There are many different drawing tablets on the market and I have only used these but I absolutely love them for what I need. I use them together with the app Procreate for my illustrating.

(I do use other software for my illustrating along with procreate, but that can wait for another blog post)

Some of my favourite things I like about the iPad and Apple Pencil are the size of the iPad screen, the responsiveness of the Apple Pencil and the ease of use for both.

I found them super easy to learn how to use and navigate and they do all I need them to do at this stage of my business.

2. Epson Ecotank ET-7700

My wonderful printer. I have a few but this is one of my favourites. I couldn't be without this beauty. It is not cheap but as I want to be able to print and make most of my products myself, I needed a printer that could print super high quality work as well as be robust for the amount of printing I do.

One of the things I love about this printer compared to my last Epson was that it uses the refillable inks, rather then cartridges. I have saved so much money investing in this printer. I find for the work I do, the inks last such a long time.

and last but not least....

3. Munbyn Thermal Printer

When I first started my small business I loved hand writing the labels for my envelopes/parcels, but as my business progressed, I needed an option to help with my labels so I could be more efficient with my time. That led to me doing some research on label printers and I liked the sound of the Munbyn the best. For me it was coming up as better value for money then the others I found too.

I have absolutely loved this little printer. It so quick to set up, simple to install and easy to use. As it is a thermal printer you don't need any inks which is great.

I love it when I have a few orders to print off and the little printer spits out the labels so fast. You can easily change the settings for the size of the label you use as well.


Well that's it we have come to the end of my TOP 3. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me/my business and if you want to take a look at some of the equipment I have mentioned above, then here are the links for you.

All links are Affiliate links:

  1. Apple iPad Pro

  2. Apple Pencil

  3. Epson Ecotank ET-7700

  4. Munbyn Thermal Printer:

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